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Early prototype of Amazon-made smartphone crops up, six cameras and 3D interface in tow

The first set of spy shots starring the long rumored, at last imminent Amazon smartphone unfortunately leaves plenty to the imagination, as the unannounced handheld is tucked inside a protective case.


It’s not official… yet, but it’s as close to a formal announcement as they come. Amazon Kindle Fire’s baby brother has been captured on camera by a BGR source that’s in the past proven exceptionally reliable.

With no way to tell exactly how the unnamed gizmo looks, let’s focus on the intel the mole revealed. First off, yes, the Fire Phone (just a nickname, calm down) packs six cameras, a conventional one on the rear, a selfie-dedicated snapper on the front and four additional units planted in the façade corners.

Their purpose? Reboot failed 3D mobile technology with a never before used and complex glasses-free interface exploiting face and eye movement tracking. Most of the specifics are still unclear, but it’s obvious Amazon wants to disrupt an oversaturated market through innovation.

Amazon smartphone

Bona fide innovation, that is, not artificial, useless display resolution boosts or minor processing speed upgrades. Speaking of, the forthcoming device, while no doubt marketed as a high-ender, will reportedly elude the spec wars, featuring a middling 4.7-inch 720p display, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP main shooter and unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon chip (probably not the 805 though).

Software-wise, besides packing the phone with unique 3D functions and effects, Amazon is expected to tweak Android similarly to what they’ve done for Kindle tablets in the past, delivering an ecosystem heavily reliant on their own services, instead of Google’s.

No words on pricing at the moment, but it shouldn’t be long before hearing something on the record, as rumor has it the unveil will happen in June, July at the latest, followed by the actual commercial release “sometime in Q3”. Soooo, August or September.

Source: BGR

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