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Early prices revealed for PS4 and Xbox One

Now the competition knows what cards they’re going to play, how much will we have to bet for this console generation?

One of the biggest points with every console generation is the price and how it makes up the demographics of your consumer base. The next generation of consoles has already begun being priced online, so let’s take a quick look around the web and see if there are any deals worth looking at already.

While Microsoft has already announced that their console is already region-locked, you could at least size up the prices from international retailers to see how much an Xbox One will set you back. In Australia, one of the biggest gaming retailers, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi has Microsoft’s console priced at $899 (US$861) with the standalone controller for $99 (US$95) . The PS4 has the same price, but both listings note that the console prices are currently just placeholders. The same thing goes for one of their biggest entertainment stores, JB Hi-Fi, which has the PS4 and Xbox One, both retailing for the same prices.

Across the pond in the United Kingdom, Amazon have already begun listing their prices for both consoles as well. The UK site lists the Xbox One for £599.99 (~US$910) and the PlayStation 4. However, on the Amazon Germany the Xbox One and PS4 is listed for €599.99 (~US$777) each but have yet to add any console bundles for the next-gen consoles. Both Amazon pages do say in their native tongue: “Please note that there is currently no official prices for PlayStation 4 products. The price stated are only placeholders.” 

While I don’t doubt that these  prices are close to final pricing points, they are simply there for these online retailers to accept pre-orders from consumers excited by the early buzz and hype. It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft may follow Nintendo in releasing a regular and premium console. As Nintendo released two different types of Wii U, Sony and Microsoft may be releasing two different types of consoles for different consumers. Rumours have speculated that a cut-down model would be available for the Xbox One which would be $299 and have a $15 monthly fee. While I am not sure how this would work outside the United States, I’m sure most consumers would stick with the full-priced model, seen above.

One thing of note is that each console listed their games at 99.99. Whether it was Australia, UK, Germany or even in the US, but these could easily just be placeholders and reflect the games already announced in their respective reveals. With E3 less than a fortnight away though, the prices will be revealed worldwide and all those prices will change literally overnight.

via IGN

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