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Early iPhone 6s bend test reveals a much stronger build

After last year’s BendGate fiasco, a lot of you may be curious to find out if the upcoming iPhone 6s models will suffer the same fate. Believe it or not, Lewis from Unbox Therapy managed to get his hands on an alleged iPhone 6s rear shell and then put it through a scientific bend test to give you the answer.

Last year’s iPhone 6 was also tested along with the iPhone 6s rear shell in order to arrive at a conclusion. The iPhone 6 could stand up to 30 pounds of force before it started bending. In comparison, the iPhone 6s shell could be bent only when more than twice the pressure was applied. This could perhaps be taken as ‘proof’ that the new iPhone 6s duo will indeed use the stronger Series 7000 aluminum as rumored in the recent past.

Apple currently employs Series 7000 aluminum alloy in the Apple Watch Sport. Apple’s custom Series 7000 aluminum alloy is claimed to be 60% stronger than most aluminum and boasts of one-third the density of stainless steel. Despite the higher strength, the material still maintains a light weight.

Source: Unbox Therapy

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