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Early Galaxy Note 5 launch? Tepid Galaxy S6 sales? Samsung exec denies it all

JK Shin didn’t advance a Note 5 ETA or “authentic” S6 shipment numbers, but saw the need to “firmly” discredit speculation over Samsung’s current and future flagship.

Galaxy S6 Edge JK Shin

With vexing rumors swirling in regards to the “next big thing’s” inability of breaking Sammy’s financial slump, it felt obligatory for one of the company’s higher-ups to go on record and silence the haters and jubilant iFans.

Granted, when we first heard the combined hauls of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge reached 10 million units, we were under the impression for a quick second the story was fact-checked and the Korean OEM’s PR department would soon corroborate it.

Only President and CEO JK Shin now refutes any allegations the two hotly-in-demand phones are struggling. Since the big kahuna elegantly dodged to provide the media with a different digit than 10M, we’ll assume that’s legit, but was probably posted during the S6 pair’s first month on store shelves.

Galaxy Note 4

Unfortunately, there are simply too many unknowns in this equation to fully solve it at the moment, so let’s just move on to Shin’s other unequivocal yet ambiguous rebuttal. Apparently, we won’t be getting an early Galaxy Note 5 launch, regardless of Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus plans.

Once again, Samsung’s head honcho was sure to preserve a substantial air of mystery, merely suggesting the Note family’s marketing strategy will remain largely unchanged without going into detail. Ergo, we could see Note 4’s sequel unveiled in September for an October commercial bow, or the retail rollout may go down a little sooner than last year.

Not in August, though, almost definitely, and certainly not in July. Remember, we expect the “standard” new high-end phablet to be chaperoned to market by an Edge variant, and it’s possible a separate curved model will land between now and September. Intriguingly enough, JK Shin had nada to clarify vis-à-vis the mystery third edgy franchise.

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