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EarIns Wireless Earphones (S$299) Review: Unentangled


Without even a single strand of wire to hold the two earbuds together, Earins are the world’s first truly wireless earphones. Sleek and elegant, Earins appear to be an aesthetic masterpiece, combining form and function to give you the perfect wireless solution, albeit at a rather high price of S$299. These earphones look good, and sound good. However, the wireless connectivity that can get rather choppy leaves more to be desired.



Shot by Zayne Seah
Shot by Zayne Seah

Earins are as mentioned, a truly wireless set of earphones, with nothing tying both earbuds together. These wireless earbuds come in a carrying and charging capsule that looks as if the thing came right off a sci-fi movie, except that when you open the tube, you reveal 2 earbuds, as opposed to a test tube containing a deadly virus.

This charging capsule holds the earphones and charges them back when you put it into the capsule for storage. Carrying around the capsule is absolutely essential to using the Earins on the go, and not just for the sake of holding them there so you don’t lose these tiny earbuds.

Once you remove the earphones from the Earbuds, they automatically turn on and begin pairing with your smartphone. So if you leave your capsule at home, they are always going to be turned on, and you can expect your battery life to die off pretty soon.

Your Earins come with a memory foam tip, just that one, so you don’t really get much to choose from, which was disappointing. However, being made of memory foam, you can easily stuff these eartips into your ears, and they will expand such that it fits most users well. Using them for long durations for around 1-2 hours didn’t yield any discomfort at all.

Due to theEarins being wireless earbuds, losing them might be quite easily, especially if you drop them in a public place, so that’s a downside that you would have to bear with. Nevertheless, I truly love the unhindered experience, without having to worry about a wire flailing and hitting me, from the front or the back.



Shot by Zayne Seah

Being the first truly wireless earbuds in the market, Earins seems to have been in a rush to develop its product and its quality in terms of bluetooth connectivity, suffers. There is no easy way to put this, but the connection can get choppy really quickly.

Since the smartphone communicates only with the left earbuds, there are times when music plays from the device on the left, but not on the right. At other times, the connection gets cut off for a second out of every 3-4 seconds, which should not happen for a device this price.

Audio Quality


Shot by Zayne Seah
Shot by Zayne Seah

Listening to the Earins was a pretty good experience. Musical reproduction was great, and audio fidelity was good. The highs and the mids did well, coming off crisp and clear. There was hardly any distortion even at higher volumes.

Bass was definitely strong on these guys and even slightly overpowering compared to the mids and highs. If you are a fan of dance music with lots of rhythms and beats, the Earins would serve you well.

Battery Life

Shot by Zayne Seah

A single charge should give your device about a 3-hour battery life. On paper, that seems to be under the industry average of  4-5 hours. However, you can recharge the device in its carrying case, so that becomes less of an issue. In reality, I actually find the battery life to last slightly less than the 3-hour mark, but I personally find it to be a trivial issue since most commuters or athletes don’t need the earphones working consecutively for over a 3-hour period.


At a price of S$299 (promo), the Earins are a set of expensive earbuds for the general public. However, audiophiles and niche consumers who dislike a wired experience, such as myself, will find them to be a very valuable addition to their tech collection. The design and audio quality of Earins are top-notch in my opinion, but the huge outstanding issue of choppy bluetooth connectivity serves as even more of a deterrence for consumers than its high price point.

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