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E3 2014: id’s new ‘Doom’ teaser takes us back to hell

Bethseda’s newly released teaser reel for the rebirth of Doom teaches us how to be afraid again.

Doom Cyberdemon

Fused in an unholy union of flesh and metal…

Doom is a series that has been ingrained with the foundations of modern gaming, and is a key pillar to the shooter genre. In the early days it terrified us to the point where many players can still remember their most-feared moments during their deadly trek through hell and back.

Now id wants to bring back those harrowing, blood-soaked, demon-growling moments into our modern age of gaming with a brand new chapter in the definitive franchise.

The re-vitalized Doom game received its very first teaser trailer at E3 2014, and it paints a delightfully authentic picture of the game’s supremely evil overtones. A terrifying hulking cyberdemon is shot and scaled frame-by-frame within the footage, slowly trailing the diabolical machination with eerie grace.

[youtube id=”cYjR5UzhcZA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The sheer level of detail that has gone into every slimy, brimstone-charred mass of muscle and pumping organs is amazing and certainly points to a next-gen focus for the game. The demon becomes more alive as the trailer progresses, with fusion cores powering up and maniacal guns readying their slaughter.

Eventually the towering abomination of metal and mayhem stands tall, eyes gleaming like burning coals, and that’s when we know we’ve reached the depths of hell.

So far info is scarce on the new Doom, and no details on launch platforms or release windows have been revealed.

id Software has announced that Doom will be fittingly unveiled at QuakeCon 2014 starting July 17th in Dallas, Texas. A beta for the game will also be held, but no details have been announced.

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