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Dyson reveals Airblade Tap, a wash and dry all-in-one faucet

Dyson recently unveiled a faucet product that not only wets your hands but also dries it.

Dubbed the “Airblade Tap”, the product does what many other basic faucets do, but what conventional faucets don’t have are air blowers on both sides to dry your hands after a soapy rinse.  There’s nothing spectacular, or even innovative about the Airblade Tap, as a person can easily “air dry” his hands with a hairdryer on the side.

What the Airblade Tap does offer, however, is an elegant all-in-one design that will have your house guests in awe once they realize that the faucet can both rinse and dry their dingy hands.  Built into the Airblade Tap are sensors that detect hand positions and release water, and once a person is done rinsing the blowers on the two sides will send “unheated filtered” air at a person’s hands at a speed of up to 420 mph.  Dyson claims that the Airblade technology in its faucet “literally [scrapes]” a person’s hands dry in 14 seconds.

Also in the Airblade Tap are six silencers to drown out the noise generated while the faucet is at work.  The Dyson faucet is made with stainless steel, and a HEPA filter is utilized for the “clean” air-drying action.

Source: Dyson via Forbes

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