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Dust 514 released on PS3

Dust 514, the free-to-play shooter set in the EVE universe is now available as an exclusive PS3 title.

After entering open beta on January 22, Dust 514 has finally gone live to the public as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title. Dust 514 is a unique game: It’s a first person shooter set inside the universe of another game, the PC-based MMO EVE online. The two games mingle with each other; events in one will affect the other, and players will be able to interact and coordinate between the two titles. This is a unique concept, and regardless of Dust 514’s future success, it could be our first glimpse into a completely new way of playing games.

According to a statement from developers CCP games, Dust 514 will be an ever-evolving “game as service”. It will feature regular updates with new features, content and upgrades. The first of these content expansions is scheduled to arrive in June of this year. "Like Eve we want this game to run forever, so it'll be on PlayStation 7," says Kristoffer Touborg, lead game designer on Eve.


It looks good enough


At launch, three leveling packs are available for purchase. The Mercenary Pack includes 40,000 Aurum (the in-game currency), a 30-day skill booster and exclusive gear. The veteran pack includes dropsuits, boosters, 100,000 aurum and a permanents Blood Raider Acolyte vehicle and sniper rifle. Finally, the elite pack will give you 200,000 Aurum, boosters, four different dropsuits, a light attack vehicle and several weapons, including heavy assault rifles.


When asked if Dust 514 will eventually come to other platforms, Touborg has said: "Right now we're exclusive with PlayStation, and that's a model we're really, really happy with. Who knows where this game goes down the road." So that’s probably a no.

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