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Ducktales remake launching in August

The HD remake of the NES classic DuckTales is being released in August, Capcom announced today.


Today, Capcom announced that it would be releasing the HD remake of DuckTales, titled simply DuckTales: Remastered, in the beginning of August. The game is the remake of an NES classic. DuckTales will be released for $15 on PlayStation Network, Steam, and Wii U on August 13th. The Xbox Live version however, will have to wait another month, not seeing release until September 11th. Capcom didn’t detail why the Xbox version was delayed.

Capcom also announced that the US would see a special boxed US release containing a collectible pin and a download code for the game. The boxed version will sell for $20 and will be a PlayStation exclusive, seeing no equivalent Wii U, PC or Xbox release. The pin is apparently an “exclusive DuckTales Disney collector’s pin.”


In DuckTales: Remastered, you might solve a mystery or rewrite history. DuckTales. Woohoo!

Finally, Capcom also released today the first video in a series of documentaries, or “duckumentaries” about the making of the game. The videos will detail how developer WayForward went about creating an “authentic Disney look and feel” to the game.

DuckTales Remastered was announced earlier this year during the PAX East 2013 conference that took place back in March.

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