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Dual GeForce 7600GT card spotted

Reports from CeBIT 2006 (english translation) revealed that multi-GPU video cards are gaining momentum. While most SLI configurations use two physical cards, there have been some cards have dual-GPUs integrated onto a single PCB. Gigabyte was first to release its 3D1, which integrated two GeForce 6600GT GPUs but ended up selling poorly. ASUS followed with its Extreme 7800GT, integrating two GeForce 7800GTs and even including an external power adapter.

Galaxy, a relatively unknown Asian manufacturer of PC add-in cards, demonstrated what it calls its Galaxy video accelerator. Based on dual GeForce 7600GT GPUs, the Galaxy brings forth SLI performance in a package that’s easy to manage. Like the ASUS board, and Gigabyte board before it, the Galaxy packs twice the amount of memory as a regular 7600GT card. So far, however, official specifications have not been announced.

The company is no stranger to SLI and previously manufactured multi-GPU cards based on 3DFX processors prior to being absorbed by NVIDIA. The GeForce 7600GT is pin compatible with the GeForce 6600GT, so it may very well be possible that Xianka used an earlier design but anticipates capitalizing on the dual GPU craze earlier in the product cycle this time around.

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