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Dual-core Atoms: a dish best served small and lightweight

Single-core processors are passé, and Intel probably knows that better than anyone else. So what’s up next on the menu, Intel? Why, new dual-core Atoms, of course.

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Now that the race to cram in the largest number of processing cores on a piece of silicon is close to reaching red-hot temperatures, single-core processors are fast going the way of the dinosaur: after all, most, if not all of AMD’s processors are already packing at least 2 processing cores, a practice that Intel has also been adopting save for its Atom lineup.

More specifically, we were referring to the processors that you can find in netbooks today: the low-powered, single-core processor that were designed in order to squeeze out every last bit of battery life at the cost of greatly reduced performance.

However, it seems that things are set to change for the better, as Intel CEO Paul Otellini has announced in a conference that a dual-core Atom processor is in the works and is expected to be released by Q2 2010, which isn’t too far off from now.

“The next innovation coming out on Atom is dual core, which comes out in the second quarter,” Otellini said during the earnings call Tuesday afternoon.

While it’s not specified which version of Atom will get the multi-core treatment, it is highly possible that Otellini was referring to the single-core processors that power the netbooks of today, as nettops already have a dual-core Atom available.

And getting the dual-core treatment will mean a lot, especially where performance and multi-tasking is concerned, as the current Atoms still pale in comparison to even the low-voltage variants of Intel’s mainstream mobile processors, and having an additional processing core will no doubt help to close some of the performance gap between netbooks and notebooks.

Not to mention that a dual-core Atom might also be able to give AMD’s existing dual-core Athlon Neo processors a run for their money. Let’s wait and see.

Source: CNET

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