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Drop Everything, the HTC Vive Has Launched In Singapore

After months of jealously watching gamers across the Pacific get their hands on the HTC Vive, Singapore can finally join in on the fun. You read that correctly, you can now directly buy the HTC Vive in Singapore. Pre-orders have launched today, and HTC says by the end of 2016 you can have your hands on the product. The price? A measly S$1,349

HTC Vive Singapore Launch

Image courtesy: HTC
Image courtesy: HTC

At a launch event today 28 November, HTC have announced that you can finally buy the HTC directly in Singapore. No longer do you need to ship to a US address and then pay costly shipping fees to get it here. HTC says that you can either order online or purchase at a retailer. Right now it’s not clear where the nearest retail shop is, but HTC promises you can experience HTC in stores. Best to keep up to date by registering for their newsletter here.

Image courtesy: HTC
Image courtesy: HTC

There are other places to try out the Vive as well over the next month. HTC have announced two locations. First is their booth at the Second Lean Enterprise Development Forum, which takes place next year. For the more consumer aspect of the device, you can try out the Vive at the Avengers Exhibition, a ticketed event, at the Science Centre Singapore.

Image courtesy: HTC
Image courtesy: HTC

HTC know that Singaporeans have been dying to try out the new technology. Raymond Pao, president for VR in APAC says, “We are thrilled to start offering Vive in Singapore, the heart of the South-east Asian market. Consumers have been eager to try and purchase the best VR system in the world, the Vive. The Vive has been very well regarded by consumers and media as the best VR system in the world, and we are very excited to bring this product into the hands of Singapore consumers and developers.”

The bang for your buck

Image courtesy: HTC

Exciting news though it is, HTC is still very expensive. Part of that is, if you take a look at the store page, is still paying the import duty to get the headset shipped. Buying the headset now is cheaper than previous options that go without saying, but you still need to have a VR-ready PC to run it. You also need plenty of space to make use of the room-scale VR. At the very least you get a couple of games to go with your new headset. The Vive comes pre-loaded with Zombie Training Simulator, an on-rails shooter, and the Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed. You can also get Google Earth VR for free, and access to both the Viveport and Steam VR.

The chance is finally here, so get it. Details can be found on the Vive Website. Let us know if you’re going to be splashing the cash.

Source: HTC


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