GeoPost is joining many other couriers in testing out drone delivery technology, and reportedly the French mail service is showing some promising results.


The express delivery service has been partnering with Atechsys for quite some time now, and the result is quite impressive to say the least.  According to a recent test from September, GeoPost’s electric GeoDrone managed to autonomously deliver parcels with dimensions of up to 40 x 30 x 20cm.  Even more exciting is the drone is capable of delivering 4kg packages within a 20km radius.

Real world application for such developments are astonishing if the technology proves itself reliable.  Unfortunately, GeoPost has not released any info regarding the specs of the drone, but from the picture above we can assume that the Atechsys-built drone packs enough punch to power six rotors as well as all the other silicon parts onboard.


There are still safety and privacy regulations to be worked out if the technology becomes approved for everyday use.  Busy metropolis are jam packed with people and any instances where the drone may become unresponsive will prove to be harmful.  Moreover, the infrastructure might also not be very drone-friendly (i.e. power lines, radio towers, etc.).

GeoPost, however, is presumably developing the drone delivery technology to target remote and isolated regions where this type of delivery system will save time and energy.

[youtube id=”jX6YCbn2xcM”]

Source: laposte via gizmag

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