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Download Wing Commander Saga Fan Project for Free

Wing Commander Saga

Electronic Arts is infamous for killing franchises which have strong fan bases and caters to the mainstream crowd. As such, the publisher killed Wing Commander franchise. Now, 12 years later – fans released a free game based in the Wing Commander universe.

Wing Commander is without any doubt, one of cult franchises from the dawn of gaming. The game was selling in record volumes at the time before the industry was known as the industry. However, the game drifted from a 3D universe into numerous low-res cut scenes and expensive actors. After Wing Commander 4, it was obvious why EA decided to shut down the production of future versions.

Fans never gave up on the franchise, though. A simple search on Google reveals almost 19 million results, meaning there is still a lot of interest in the universe where people are leading battles against the cat-like Kilrathis. Today, you can download the next chapter in the saga. After seven years of development, the group of fans finally released the Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn.

Wing Commander Saga consists out of two campaigns. The first one represents a remake of the first "Prologue" campaign from 1990; a five mission tutorial set on TCS Wellington. Second campaign is "The Darkest Dawn" which consists out of impressive 50 missions all set on the TCS Hermes.

To download and play 55 missions for free is a stark testament to dedication shown by a small team of Wing Commander fans. Game is available for Windows platform only, with Linux and Mac OS X to follow soon.

Download the PC Game for free here, and check the official Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn trailer on YouTube here:

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