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Doughnut Macaroon Review: The Perfect School Tech Bag?

Doughnut Macaroon Standard

SGD 79












  • Laptop/Tablet Sleeve
  • Lots of pockets
  • Cute and trendy
  • Lots of colour options


  • Comfy but not perfect
  • Expensive

These days in school it’s not only books and stationery in your bag but a whole laptop as well. There are many backpacks that come with a laptop compartment these days but few of them come close to the aesthetic design of the Doughnut Macaroon. This bag is uber popular across East Asia and even people in the USA are starting to feature it in school supply videos. In this article, I’ll talk about how this backpack fares in all the categories which make a good bag well, a good bag.

1 Exterior Design

The Doughnut Macaroon comes in 3 sizes: mini, standard and large. They also are available in a myriad of 54 colours, not including different collections like the Macaroon Pastel and the Doughnut x Loopy. So there’s definitely a colour for everyone – maybe even too many. Like me, I’m sure you’ll feel tempted to get more than one of these bags because the colours are really just too attractive. I personally avoided the pastel and bright colours for fear of dirt taking over the colours. I have to say the pastel colours are really the most striking ones though. And for those guys thinking that this is a ladies backpack, there are lots of dark masculine colours for you too! Because the doughnut is a bag primarily available online, many will be wondering if the colours are true to the pictures. Well in my experience, my Macaroon looked incredibly similar to the photo I first looked at on Doughnut’s website.

The Macaroon comes with padded straps. This is especially important since most users, including me, would be carrying hefty laptops and books. They also come with a smaller strap that acts as the adjusting strap. These adjusting straps can be snap-buttoned off and hang from the bag. I have no idea what the reasoning behind this is – perhaps you can tie them around your waist? The materials of the bag consist of the Korean heavy twill nylon for the body and for the straps high-quality vegetable tanned leather is used. In Doughnut’s about section it mentions that this unique material is waterproof and lighter in weight compared to other variations of waterproof nylon.

Doughnut’s Macaroon has a distinctive square-ish shape and features two top handles that join together via a snap button. The backpack only has two major compartments, the main zippered one and the double snap button front pocket. Something particularly interesting about this front pocket is that unlike most bags I’ve used and seen the buttons are on the top of the straps and not the bottom. This means that the front pocket is not at all connected to the straps. This might possibly decrease wear and tear on the straps, but only time will tell! The construction of the backpack seems to be rather high-quality with not a single loose thread found and the zippers are all buttery smooth.

2 Interior Design

The interior features a multitude of pockets including the above-mentioned laptop compartment, two water bottle holders, (it’s too unhip to be on the outside) a zip compartment, a velcro fastened pocket, a mesh net pocket opened via a zip and lastly yet another pocket. The amount of pockets makes it easy to organise and separate all the stuff that you’ll be putting into this bag.

3. Comfort and Support

My own Macaroon!
The back

The unique selling point of the Macaroon may be its cutesy design but its comfort of this backpack is something to be talked about too. It is lightweight on its own while being spacious. With that and the shoulder pads, you can power through your day and use this as an everyday or overnight backpack. Carrying it with a 1.58 kg 13-inch MacBook and a few other things in there I expected it to be heavy but it actually felt much lighter, so colour me impressed. One thing I detest about some backpacks is that they look bulky (ahem, Anello) and when you board the train people are definitely going to tsk at you for swinging it around. The Macaroon’s design, while not sleek, is also not bulky. Yet another reason to call it your everyday bag.

4. Price and Availability

It’s no secret that the Macaroon costs a pretty penny. Its official price on Doughnut’s website is listed as HKD 450 HKD which is roughly 79 SGD. I think the price is well justified though, with supreme comfort, fetching design and great build quality you’re likely paying for a backpack that will last you years. The backpack is available on Doughnut’s website, however, many of the popular colours are sold out so if you’re really itching for that triple pastel you have to look elsewhere. Beware of fakes though!

One thought on “Doughnut Macaroon Review: The Perfect School Tech Bag?

  1. The new Moshi Travel bags are even better. Water resistant surface, RFID pockets, great space and better priced, I think!

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