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Dotcom free to sue New Zealand’s spy agency

Kim Dotcom – the Internet entrepreneur that everyone loves to hate – is back in the news again after getting the okay from a New Zealand judge to sue the island's spy agency for its actions leading up to the raid on his home.

Kim Dotcom, the brains and hilarity behind Megaupload, has always maintained his innocence when it comes to the charges being leveled against him by the US Department of Justice, as well as declaring that the January raid on his mansion was illegal and violated his rights.

He has also stated quite publicly that the government's surveillance of him through the island's intelligence service, GCSB, was a lot more extensive than the government was admitting to, and to make matters even worse some of the information was shared with the United States.

Well it would seem that Dotcom might just have the island's justice system on his side as Judge Helen Winklemann has given her approval for Dotcom to sue the GCSB and that the agency must disclose:

"…anything they shared with other intelligence agencies in the 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance—made up of the US, Australia, UK, and Canada," according to one news report. "And they must reveal if they carried out surveillance on Doctom's wife Mona and his co-accused Bram van der Kolk."

via Ars Technica

In order to protect any government intelligence the judge has appointed Stuart Grieve as an independent expert who will review any classified material and deicide what is relevant to the case and what might comprise the country's national security.

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