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Don’t write off Snapdragon 810 chip, as Qualcomm likely fixed overheating

It’s still unlikely all Samsung Galaxy S6 variants will be Snapdragon-powered, but most should do without Exynos.


The love story between Samsung and Qualcomm is on the verge of turning into a genuine soap opera, with financial analysts now suggesting the two may have patched up their recent discords. Pre-production troubles for the latter’s next-gen high-end mobile chip made the headlines several times of late.

Qualcomm was quick to negate all the possible delay reports, but many reliable publications, including Bloomberg, hinted at a backup plan for Galaxy S5’s sequel. This implied either an abrupt stop to the entire Qualcomm partnership, and the selection of squarely in-house Exynos CPUs for the S6, or an Exynos-inside manufacturing start, followed by a split of SoC production as glitches were mended.

Both scenarios are put down by Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, who finds them “unlikely”, and claims Qualcomm “already solved the issue and production for 810.” The issue was very much real and troublesome, according to Arcuri, and put the 810 two to three months behind schedule.


Ergo, Samsung is expected to kick off S6 availability in its homeland of Korea with a traditionally limited Exynos flavor, and “slightly delay shipments in other regions to accommodate Qualcomm’s delayed schedule.”

Interestingly enough, LG executives support the theory, going even further to suggest they never had a heating trouble with Snapdragon 810 processors beefing up the G Flex 2. In the words of VP Woo Ram-Chan, “I don’t understand why there is an issue over heat” and “the chip’s performance is quite satisfactory.”

Could have Qualcomm played favorites here, and sent LG a batch of 100 percent working S810s before Samsung? Or is LG merely trying to conceal the truth, and protect their business ally? Guess we’ll find out pretty soon, as the G Flex 2 is scheduled to roll out in Korea by January’s end, and the Galaxy S6 sometime in March, after an MWC introduction.

Sources: ZD Net, Reuters

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