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Don’t save the date yet: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could still debut in August

A direct commercial clash against Apple’s next-gen iPhones or, even worse, a late arrival to market would definitely harm the Android phablet’s blockbuster potential.

Galaxy Note 4

Although several high-ranking Samsung officials have been pretty clear of late as to Galaxy Note 5’s release timeline, unsubtly hinting at an early September ETA in keeping with family tradition, it’s apparently still possible the fertile IFA announcement ground will be sidestepped for a change.

Rumor has it the overall leader of worldwide smartphone shipments could organize a special introductory event in August (not July) and put their most advanced jumbo-sized handheld up for grabs before IFA 2015 begins.

Why the rush? It’s simple – Cupertino may look for a precocious iPhone 6s/6s Plus dispatch on the back of heated competition for the two’s predecessors and an impressively rapid production ramp-up effort. Needless to highlight how big we expect the 1,080p/2K pair to hit it once available, and how tricky it might be for any other type of voice call-enabled gadget to catch on in the fall.


Ergo, Sammy’s only shot is likewise accelerate mass-manufacturing and hope for the best. The best release timing, that is.

Alternatively, if they indeed have USB Type-C connectivity, beefed-up battery life and a slimmer profile in the works, plus perhaps iris recognition technology and an optional dual-edged variant, chances are folks will be willing to wait however long it takes. Well, not forever and ever, but surely until September or even October.

Bottom line, we’d like to think innovation comes first when planning such a paramount product roster reboot, followed by scheduling concerns and the need to always eclipse and foreshadow one’s arch-rival. In other words, forget about the looming iPhones!

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