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Don’t hold your breath for general Windows 10 Mobile release before September

Bad although not exactly unexpected news for Microsoft Lumia fans.

Windows 10

When Redmond claimed its next iteration of Windows will bring smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs closer together, courtesy of a “universal” app platform and synergetic ecosystem, we all figured that meant the mobile and desktop flavors would launch simultaneously.

Only the company’s shot callers and engineers clearly favored the follow-up to the “full-on” Windows 8 over Win Phone 8’s sequel, kicking off R&D work earlier and dispatching the first Technical Previews months ahead of the small-screen beta counterparts.

As such, we probably shouldn’t act too surprised to hear Windows 10 will definitely hit general availability on July 29, while the mobile-centric correspondent may roll out to OEMs and carriers in September.

Windows 10 universal

Note the uncertainty on the latter front, where September looks like the best case scenario at the moment, with October also a reasonable ETA. It very much depends on how smooth the next couple of pre-release firmwares end up feeling, and possibly, the desktop version’s stability as well.

In case, God forbid, July 29 sees a glitchy patch for Windows 8.1 go out to consumers, it might be all hands on deck for MS to eradicate bugs, which could negatively affect 10 Mobile development and completion too.

Bottom line, don’t take any due date for granted yet, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Including Lumia 940 and 940 XL delays until very close to the holiday season, and the delivery of the first Windows 10 Mobile updates for devices currently powered by WP 8.1 in 2016.

What do you guys reckon, will Windows Mobile SKUs be available “late next quarter”, i.e. in September, as a recent internal MS presentation leak suggests?

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