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Domo-kun gets immortalized as a “stuffed” iPhone case

NHK Enterprise presents their new "smart stuffed toy" iPhone case, which features the massively popular Japanese mascot Domo-kun.

Domo-kun's popularity in the west may not be as large as other popular mascot characters, but the character is sure a lot more known now than before; there are even iPhone cases now bearing the theme of NHK's official mascot.  Most of these iPhone cases however, are pretty standard, even bland, and largely unlike what NHK Enterprise had in mind.

The iDomo-kun, when seen at the glance, doesn't look like your average iPhone case.  In fact, it doesn't look like an iPhone case at all; it looks more like a medium-sized stuffed toy or a themed children's backpack.  However, upon inspecting the stuffed toy's left side, you would notice that there is an opening, and the mouth actually has adequate space for an iPhone to fit through, which technically completes its definition as "case".

Now, the idea of using a large stuffed toy as an iPhone case may sound a bit impractical (even quite ridiculous), but thankfully it doesn't just end there.  For users to maximize their Domo-kun experience with this "smart stuffed toy", they would be allowed to download three special apps, the Domo-kun Clock, Domo-kun Talk, and Domo-kun DJ.

The Domo-kun Clock, as its name suggests, provides clock and alarm settings, and it uses Domo-kun's voice as the alarm. The Domo-kun Talk lets you listen to Domo-kun as it talks and chats (it only says "Domo" though).  Finally, the Domo-kun DJ provides a jukebox interface for accessing to music files. 

Both the Domo-kun Clock and the Domo-kun Talk has a screen theme that resembles Domo-kun's mouth, so your iPhone could fit perfectly to the slot in its mouth as if it is part of the stuffed toy. At this point though, we could probably describe it more as a "mobile dock" than an actual iPhone case.

The iDomo-kun has been made available for purchase in Japan just last April 27, 2013. It has a price tag of 4,800 yen (50 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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