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DoCoMo deal might make iPhone the smartphone market leader in Japan

Prior to Apple’s iPhone launch event it was rumored that the company might finally bring its smartphones to Japan’s DoCoMo carrier. It has indeed done that, and it is now believed that due to this deal the iPhone might lead the smartphone market in Japan.


Japan is one of the nine select markets in which Apple is going to release the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C initially on September 20th. KDDI and Softbank of Japan already offer the iPhone, but according to the Nikkei, Apple might account for as many as 40 percent of the more than 23 million handsets DoCoMo sells every year. Both Apple and the carrier have reportedly agreed upon the 40 percent quota, and a result of this shift in DoCoMo’s strategy, local phone manufacturers like Sharp and Fujitsu are expected to take a hit.

iPhone sales on all local carriers would go towards the smartphone’s total market share in Japan. The additional customers that DoCoMo will bring in just might make the iPhone leader of the smartphone market in Japan. This will be a major shift in the Japanese smartphone market, which is catered by local manufacturers as well as behemoths such as Samsung. Samsung’s smartphones were heavily promoted by DoCoMo throughout the summer, it seems now that the carrier is betting big on the new iPhones.

As mentioned before, both new iPhones go on sale in Japan on September 20th. Apple’s bid to gain more ground in the country is quite evident, it is opening up yet another official retail store in Tokyo.

Source: Nikkei

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