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DOCKr, the 6-in-1 iPad accessory

The DOCKr is a new iPad accessory designed make Apple's tablet function more like a traditional laptop, and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter

InNuevo's Dockr has won a Bronze International Design Award for it's iPad case. The case, which comes in two versions, features a polycarbonate shell for both landscape and portrait viewing, as well as 140 degrees of rotation, and complete protection for your tablet while on the go. Further more, both of the DOCKr models accommodate the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the inNuevo Wireless Keyboard, with the latter being available in colors to match the DOCKr itself.


The DOCKr 1 is the more bare-bones version of the case, with the DOCKr 2 having some extra features. Among these is a battery which will extend your iPad's battery life between 4 and 8 hours depending on usage. The case also features wireless speakers and USB ports to charge electronic devices. As inNuevo puts it: “The DOCKr 2 is a six-in-one, flexible accessory for the Apple iPad, combining ergonomics, electronics and utility into a unique and fun product. It was developed with a user-centric approach to enhance and extend the users’ experience with their tablets. “


DOCKr launched on Kickstarter April 2 and has just under a month left to reach its $15,000 goal. They already have $10,000 pledged. If you want to get in on the action, a $50 pledge will get you the DOCKr 1 while a $105 pledge or more will get you a DOCKr 2.

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