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Doc Brown rides a DeLorean to CES 2014, brings rock and roll back to the future

Some publicity stunts are just bound to work better than others, regardless of costs and their stars’ hip factor, so if you put some thought into it, a buzz-building maneuver involving a vintage car, vintage guitar and… vintage movie celebrity can still make quite the impact in 2014.

Christopher Lloyd CES

Unlike we know whose marketing trick, which turned out to be a cataclysmal debacle. Some may argue there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity, but today certainly proves “good” publicity exists and is to be preferred.

To celebrate 120 years of existence, musical instrument maker Gibson recruited “Back to the Future’s” Dr. Emmett Brown, aka Doc Brown, aka three-time Emmy-winning actor Christopher Lloyd. But instead of putting a tedious praising script on a teleprompter for the now 75 year-old (oh, how time flies) and roll the dice, the company joined hands with DMC (DeLorean Motor Company), and secured a hot set of wheels for the Doc to hit Vegas in.

That’s right, they put a DeLorean’s helm in his hands in a not very subtle “Back to the Future” nod, plus one of those Gibson guitars Marty McFly used to rock the 1955 Hill Valley High School scene. Simple, neat, cool and definitely attention-grabbing.

Gibson CES

Of course, Gibson and DMC would have jolted Sin City that much harder if they’d have signed the actual “Back to the Future” lead, Michael J. Fox, for the CES 2014 cameo, but I guess his compensation was a little out of the two’s league.

After all, the guy is a quadruple Golden Globe winner, having the chance to add a fifth trophy to his roster on Sunday, for his inspiring “The Michael J. Fox Show” performance. Anyhoo, congrats Gibson, congrats DMC and next time, if McFly Jr. is still busy, George McFly and Biff Tannen would probably do.

Sources: Cnet, The Verge

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