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Do You Trust Facebook? Company Signs CISPA, New Internet Police Bill

While Facebook was all at rage when it comes to SOPA and PIPA, with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of the social network releasing a public attack, the reality changed with the new, more dangerous CISPA.

Back in January of this year, information freedom organizations such as DemandProgress, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) organized an all-out attack on U.S. Senate which resulted in SOPA and PIPA failing to pass. SOPA was for instance, attacked by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook.

The content control lobby consisting out of RIAA and MPAA and openly bribed politicians (the congressmen that designed SOPA actually stole an image for his blog, MPAA lobbyist openly discussed the politicians which were paid to lobby for the bill, not against it), but there was a warning that they will pass another bill at another name.

Io and behold, meet CISPA – Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act. You can read more about the bill on the link we have provided for you, but what is surprising is that content control lobbyists focused on tech companies instead. And seeing Facebook on the list of CISPA signees and supporters is surprising.

The Center for Democracy and Technology issued the following damning verdict on the bill:

CISPA has a very broad, almost unlimited definition of the information that can be shared with government agencies and it supersedes all other privacy laws.”

The bill was also attacked by the group which is synonymous with the protection against cyber bullying and control, be that Apple attacking a blogger, or revealing which politicians were on content-control lobby’s take. We’re talking about Electronic Frontier Foundation, which said the following:

An ISP could even interpret this bill as allowing them to block accounts believed to be infringing,block access to websites like The Pirate Bay believed to carry infringing content, or take other measures provided they claimed it was motivated by cybersecurity concerns.”

How should you react? Visit Demand Progress and sign the petition. You can also spread the message on Facebook and Twitter.

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