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DIY shop in Akihabara to would-be Ivy Bridge modders: we feel your pain

Here's a heartening story: upon hearing that replacing the thermal grease in your spanking new Ivy Bridge processor will make it run cooler, one DIY shop in Akihabara has taken it upon themselves to show patrons how it's done – by providing a mock-up made of copper for them to practice with, and offering a 1,000 yen (US$13) discount on brand new i7-3770K chips to folks who've damaged their CPUs when they tried to tear off the integrated heat spreader in a real attempt.

To qualify for the 1,000 yen discount on a new i7-3770K, customers are required to bring down their damaged Ivy Bridge processor and show it to staff. And although the discount is rather paltry, it's a pretty nice gesture of goodwill.

According to Akiba PC Watch, tearing off the integrated heat spreader (IHS) is really not that difficult to perform. All you have to do is take a penknife, gently stick it into the wedge between the CPU die and the IHS, and carefully cut loose the bonding substance sealing the two together.

But it can be tricky: one misstep and  you could end up scratching the CPU with your penknife, turning your investment nto a piece of junk with a voided warranty. Even the shop running this promotion, PC DIY Shop FreeT, has failed to at separating the CPU die from the heat spreader at least once. Said failed attempt is on display at a corner of the shop where you can also find examples of what a successfully separated CPU is supposed to look like.

Source: Akiba PC Watch

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