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Display glitch plaguing some Sony Xperia SP devices

There is a glitch in some Sony Xperia SP devices that is causing the display to be unable to register touch commands in certain areas of the screen.

The Xperia SP has already launched in select markets. If you’re a recent owner of this smartphone, then there is a chance that you’ve come across a glitch with the display of the device. The problem seems to be that the display stops registering touch commands in certain spots on the screen.  This is well illustrated in the video below.

As the Xperia Blog points out, the really weird thing about this issue is that it only seems to be occurring when the device is placed horizontally on a flat surface. If you were planning on buying this device in the near future then this might give you some pause, and if you're a current owner of the Xperia SP who is suffering from this issue then go ahead and spread the word.  The quicker Sony becomes aware of this issue the better.  The best we can hope for is that it isn't a widespread problem.

Source: Sony Talk Forums Via: Xperia Blog

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