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Dishonored PC Game Review

The latest game by Bethesda is here; is Dishonored worth your time, or is it better left on the shelf?

[The PC version of this game was used in the review]

Dishonored is the latest first person action adventure game by Bethesda. It accomplishes a lot of things, and does so very well, but one cannot help feeling the game has some identity confusion. Many features in Dishonored seem to contradict their own purpose a bit, and though this may make you stop and wonder what Bethesda was trying to accomplish, it still ends up being a beautiful, immersive experience that's a ton of fun.

PLOT (spoilers ahead!)

Dishonored has you playing as Corvo Attano, Lord Protector of the empress of a fictional island empire; one of four city states in a large archipelago. The capitol, Dunwall, is in the midst of a "rat plague" and the once proud city is crumbling. The game begins as you return, empty handed, from a several month long voyage to seek help to defeat the plague from the other city states. Shortly after your return, you are reunited with the empress and the princess Emily, but almost immediately, assassins kill the Empress, kidnap Emily and you are framed and placed under arrest. The story then jumps 6 months later, to the eve before your execution. At this point, the former Royal Spymaster reveals to you that he is the actual architect behind the assassination, and means to assume control of the empire. You are then sent back to your cell to enjoy a last meal.

Before you can be executed though, unknown allies give you the key to the your cell and you are tasked with escaping from prison. You eventually make it to the sewers, and then to the river, where a man named Samuel is waiting with a boat. He takes you to the Hound Pits pub, in an abandoned and quarantined part of the city. Here, you meet your allies,a group of  resistance fighters who believe you are innocent and have deduced that the Spymaster, who is now Lord Regent, is probably to blame for the assassination. The Lord Regent is thought to be hiding princess Emily, and your first mission with the resistance is to save her. Unfortunately, bringing down the Lord Regent requires more work than that. He has corrupt politicians, aristocrats, military leader… you name it, in his pocket and is using them to exact complete control over the empire. The resistance thus enlists you as an assassin, and from this point on, your mission becomes to disassemble the new government bit by bit, by eliminating those in cahoots with the Lord Regent.

In classic bad guy-style, the royal spymaster reveals his schemes while you're strapped to a chair

Early on in your journey, you meet the mysterious "outsider"; a supernatural being who exists deeply in the myths and legends of Dishonored's universe. He grants you powers such as teleportation, seeing through objects and summoning rats to kill your enemies, which can be activated by collecting runes and charms around the game world. It's made fairly apparent that the outsider is somewhat of a godly being, and that he's judging your actions as you use your powers throughout the game.

Twists and turns later on in the story come as a pleasant surprise, and your adventures become progressively more interesting as the game continues. I won't divulge the details of what happens later on.

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