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Disgaea D2 coming to PS3

Nippon Ichi Software’s 20 year commemorative title “Project D” has finally been revealed!

The latest title in the Disgaea series “Disgaea D2” will be released for Playstation 3 in Japan on March 20th 2013 for 7140 Yen (around $89 USD), with a first press limited edition available for 11340 Yen (around $142 USD).

In this brand new simulation RPG from Nippon Ichi Software, players will be able to once again play as the popular characters Laharl, Etna, and Flonne from the original Disgaea.

What is Disgaea?

  • A realm where devils and angels soar the skies. A realm where heroes and villains lock swords in battle.

This is not the world as you know it. This is the Makai – a world of magic and sorcery where normal logic does not apply, where almost anything can happen. In this fantastic world, many characters will set out on the road to their destinies, and on the way meet others from distant lands. They may become the best of friends, or they may become sworn enemies – only time will tell.

  • The same Disgaea style we all know and love.

Nippon Ichi has kept a consistent style throughout the series of Disgaea games, thanks to character designer Takehi Hasegawa and music designer Tenpei Sato’s participation in the development of each game. Without their efforts, Disgaea just wouldn’t feel the same!

  • Are you a noble or a scoundrel? It matters not if you’re having fun!

Disgaea’s characteristic turn-based combat is back; complete with tutorial modes which welcome players who may be new to the series. However, seasoned veterans of the simulation RPG genre need not be scared away by the low learning curve of the game, as there are plenty of intricate and original elements speckled throughout the game which will provide even more entertainment to those who put in the effort to master their secrets.

  • Open-ended character creation & training

It is possible to customize several aspects of your teammates such as job class, personality, and skill set. Players can produce a unique character that won’t be found anywhere else thanks to the unlimited combinations of features that are available for each character.

  • Refreshing gameplay with puzzle elements and extravagant visuals

In addition to the thrill of defeating powerful enemies, puzzles dotted throughout the world will also provide players with as much pleasure as watching the exciting visuals which play every time your characters blow away an enemy with a powerful special move.

If you’re still not excited for the game yet, check out what bonus stuff you get!

(Note: don't get too excited unless you live in Japan or can play imports on your PS3…)

Pre-order bonus content:

Legacy outfits for Laharl, Etna and Flonne (original outfits from the first game downloadable from PlayStation Store)


First print limited edition bonus content*:

Etna & Flonne set of 2 figures from Niitengo

Hard-cover impressively detailed design booklet

OST set of 2 CDs

*All of the above come in an exclusive limited edition box designed and illustrated by character designer Takehi Hasegawa.

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