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DirectX 12 enables high-end gaming on mobile devices

With DirectX 12, Microsoft is focusing on all platforms so that gamers can enjoy the same quality of games across a wide variety of devices.


The biggest update to DirectX in five years, DirectX 12, has been announced today by Microsoft. At the heart of DirectX 12 is Direct3D 12, the API that renders visuals for games and other utilities across all Microsoft ecosystems. Along with the ability to fully utilize a GPU, Direct3D 12 allows for better multithreading as well as more utilization of a CPU. This is mainly achieved by scaling all CPU cores equally.

The Direct3D 12 API will work across all Microsoft devices and will not be limited to one platform. It can be leveraged for devices that are based on the Windows RT platform, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone. Consoles games on the Xbox will also see better performance after making the switch to Direct3D. A demo showcased at Microsoft’s presentation had Forza 5 running at a steady 60fps on Direct3D 12.

Direct3D 12 also brings low-level hardware access to game developers. The feature is akin to what AMD offers with Mantle. Another key area of focus is mobile, which is the fastest growing segment in gaming. Qualcomm’s Eric Demers was on hand to mention that the increased utilization of CPU will result in better power efficiency while gaming on a mobile or tablet device.

Microsoft announced that all Nvidia hardware that is DirectX 11 enabled will work with DirectX 12. The software giant is targeting a holiday 2015 release for games that utilize DirectX 12. A full list of hardware offerings and OSes that will come with the new version of DirectX will be announced in the near future.

Source: MSDN

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