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Dimple adds four customizable buttons to your device

Dimple connects via NFC and allows you to add four customizable buttons to your device.


Pressy’s successful Kickstarter showed us that there was a market for customizable hardware buttons. Then Xiaomi announced that it would be offering a similar hardware button that slots into the 3.5 mm audio jack, called the MiKey. While Pressy and Xiaomi’s MiKey are very similar offerings, so much so that Pressy has decided to take legal action against Xiaomi. The difference between the two is that MiKey will only work on Xiaomi’s handsets, and will only cost around $1, whereas the Pressy will retail for $26.

For those of you interested in custom hardware buttons, there is another solution. Dimple is set to offer a sticker that you can attach to your mobile device, which can then be programmed by NFC. The sticker features four buttons that can be configured through Dimple’s app, which is available on the Play Store. The buttons for instance can be customized to launch the camera, shoot an image and launch a utility and so on. While Dimple will work on all mobile devices and tablets with NFC, it is mentioned on their website that the accessory would not work with the HTC One and One (M8) due to their antenna placement.

Dimple will pair with NFC, but once it is connected, allows your device’s NFC to be utilised to connect to other devices. Dimple isn’t available right now, but will begin its IndieGogo campaign on May 6. Initial backers will be able to get their hands on a Dimple for $26.99, with a retail cost estimated to be at $28.99. What do you think of such an accessory? Would you be more interested in buying a utility that offers four customizable buttons and does not block your 3.5 mm audio jack? Let us know below.

Source: Dimple

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