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Digital teeth tells your doctor when you smoke and drink

A new digital tooth being developed in Taiwan allows your doctor to spy on you. An onboard sensor will transmit whether you eat, drink or smoke.

Do you have a habit of lying to your doctor? Do the phrases “I’ve been cutting down on smoking” or “Oh yes, I floss after every meal” sound like familiar lies? Well, your doctor may have a new trick up his sleeve to get the truth out of you: A digital tooth.

The tooth, which is Bluetooth enabled, is obviously artificial and makes use of an oral sensory system to analyze movements in your mouth. You may not ever have thought about it, but your mouth moves in unique ways depending on what you’re doing. Eating, drinking or smoking all involve different movements of your jaws, and the tooth reads these movements with the help of a tiny accelerometer. Once the tooth detects the signature movements of your mouth, it’ll record the activity and send it to your doctor, who will promptly be appalled by your bad habits.

The tooth is the brainchild of researchers at the National University of Taiwan, who are currently perfecting the device. Currently, it is performing very well, and with eight participants in a trial of the tooth, the onboard accelerometer has been correct around 94% of the time.

I’m assuming the wireless version will be more convenient

The current version of the device suffers from the slight disadvantage of being wired to a computer, and thus not being very portable. However, the final version will indeed be battery powered and have a bluetooth connection.

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