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Digital driver license may soon be available in Apple Wallet app

Most people carry a lot plastic in their wallet, but recent development in FinTech is digitizing these debit/credit cards. That’s just fine with most people, but there’s still one piece of plastic that we can’t get rid of just yet—our driver’s license.

This is about to change. The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK is developing a digital driver license alternative for iPhone users. Current iOS users can store their debit/credit card information in Apple’s Wallet app, and the addition of a digital license should be a welcoming sight.

CEO of the DVLA, Oliver Morley, tweeted a snapshot of the work-in-progress and from what we can see it’s definitely something we would want in our hands now. However, Morley followed up with a second tweet saying that there’s no timeline (the project is still in its prototype phase). He also pointed out that due to security concerns, the digital driver’s license is intended to be an add-on not a replacement for the plastic—doh!

Once government agencies figure out the security issues surrounding the development of a digital driver’s license, we have no reasons to not believe that our plastic ID, too, will go the way of the debit/credit cards.

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