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Differences between iPad 4 and purported iPad 5 shell shown off in new video

The rumor mill is now focused on the next lineup of devices expected from Apple, the new iPad. A new video has surfaced online which shows off the physical differences between iPad 4 and a purported iPad 5 shell.


This isn’t exactly the first time that a purported iPad 5 shell has been leaked. Such parts and various other components have been in circulation for more than a couple of months now, but it is too soon to say if they’re the real deal, given that there hasn’t been an official announcement from Apple as yet. As per rumors, the iPad 5’s shell is going to look a lot like that of the iPad mini, it is also said to be significantly thinner than the iPad 4.

The new video that has surfaced online does a good job of detailing all of the physical differences present between an iPad 4 and a purported iPad 5 shell. The shell seen in this video is identical to the one that has been leaked online time and time again. Only recently alleged iPad 5 schematics were leaked which hinted at the design and dimensions of Apple’s next iPad. Similarities to the iPad mini were seen yet again, which the schematics pointed at the possibility of iPad 5 being a full 2 millimeters thinner than its predecessor.

[youtube id=”J84xWlkYjKc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

It is not known at this point in time when Apple intends on making the announcement of its upcoming tablet. Rumor has it that the company might hold a media event on October 15 for this purpose, but it is yet to confirm its tablet plans.

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