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Diablo III PC Game Review

Diablo 3

It has been more than a decade since we last heard of Diablo. For the younger gamers, this title would probably be their first experience of dungeon crawling, demon slaying and getting acquainted with the Lord of Terror and his Underworld brothers. For gamers in the more senior years, this will be an updated nostalgic experience of the days of mouse abuse and "click… click… click click… click click click…..”.

Back in the year 2000, players destroyed the soulstones of Mephisto and Diablo and later defeated Baal in the Worldstone Chamber; Mephisto (Lord of Hatred), Diablo (Lord of Terror) and Baal (Lord of Destruction ) are three of the Prime Evils in the game. These events should have left Sanctuary in peace, but Diablo himself had a much more cunning plan in his desire to take the battle beyond the mortal realm. This outlines the story of Diablo III and be prepared to head back into the basement of Tristram's Cathedral, the infernal depths of Hell, and the very bastion of Heaven itself. Before we go to the game play, let's take a look at what's in the Diablo 3 box set.

This is what the standard edition box looks like. From what I have heard so far, they are rare in stores now due to being out of stock (yes, they are very in demand by Diablo fans especially). Have a good look at it if you intend to spot them out on the retail shelves. It has got the embossed face of Diablo on the the front and a two-page sort of facade that flip open to the synopsis of the game on the inside. This has been a standard for almost all of Blizzard games. On the inside is a cardboard casing with some guest passes to let your friends try out Diablo III, as well as the game DVD and the CD-Key to activate your game on Battle.Net, and a Diablo III-themed notepad.

You will need an Internet connection to be able to play the game (which is unlike the previous versions). This is Blizzard's way of preventing game piracy and it can get extremely annoying when you want to play a single player mode. Yes, you will still need to be connected online if you want to play on your own. I will shed some light on the advantages and disadvantages of this later on.

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