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Dharma Point to release N-Key Rollover Gamer Keyboard (Japan)


Clast Inc. is set to release a brand new n-key rollover supporting gamer keyboard under the Dharma Point brand in Japan on December 14th. Dubbed the DRTCKB109UP1, this keyboard has an ugly name, but aside from that what exactly sets it apart from the competition?

With an estimated retail price of 3,980 Yen (~49USD), this keyboard is slightly less expensive than other ‘gamer’ targeted keyboards which generally contain a horde of bells and whistles such as LED screens and other such nonsense.

It’s not all bare-bones though, because this keyboard does pack a punch with its special plunger-structured actuator, which allows gamers who type faster than they can think to hit the keys at any particular angle without their fingers slipping off the keys. It doesn’t matter what angle you hit the key at, it will reliably move perpendicularly and depress without slipping.


That’s not all though, the keyboard is built for heavy use. Apparently the keyboard supports up to 20 million key presses with its super durable construction. That should last any avid gamer a while. (Unless you play Starcraft, in which case it will probably last you a week). Each keystroke has a distance of 3.8mm give or take 0.4mm, and a depression property of 35-75g.


As far as special features go, while not exactly living up to the super nerdfest standard of Razer et al., it does contain a couple of neat perks. One is that you can simultaneously press all keys without the keyboard giving you any trouble or making that annoying PC speaker BEEP sound. Another is that you have the ability to lock the Windows key, which is a pretty cool option for when you are playing full screen games and don’t want to accidentally tab-out and crash your game.



Being a Japanese product, the layout of the keyboard is Japanese 109, but don’t worry its pretty much the standard Qwerty format you are used to. It’s not one of those Kanji keyboards that you only ever see in movies like Tomorrow Never Dies.

Another cool feature about this keyboard is that the cable can be shifted so that it extends from the center, left, or right of the keyboard, allowing you to organize your desk in perfect gaming Feng-Shui. The rubber stands on the base of the unit are also non-slip, which is another necessary requirement for those frantic gaming sessions.



The keyboard has dimensions of 448x148x34~43mm, and a weight of 1,170g. The cable length is approx 1.8m.

Oh, one more thing, it works over USB. Duh.

Product Page: http://www.dharmapoint.com/products/DRTCKB109UP1

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