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Developers confirm VR game planned for Xbox One in 2017


Virtual reality is the next big leap for gaming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a console nut or a PC master race supporter, VR is what you’ll be looking out for as far as next-gen gaming goes. While we do know that VR development is heavily concentrated on the PC side, there are still a lot of things unanswered on the console side.

A report out of arstechnica claims “a major European studio” is planning a new VR game for the Xbox One—due out some time in 2017. We’ve been doing this long enough (blogging and spieling PR nonsense) to know that unless we see something tangible, we’re not going to believe it.

But it does excite us that this studio is “planning” on creating a VR game built around an established, “long-running,” franchise. What does all this mean? Well, it means you should start saving up for a pair of Oculus Rift.

For gaming fanatics, the thought of VR coming to your living room will be a dream come true, but the reality is VR for consoles may not be up to par with PC VR. VR developers say the specs for consoles, even the latest gen (Xbox One, PS4, etc.), just aren’t going to cut it once a legit VR game hits the market.

Console development is a major investment for companies like Microsoft and Sony. Unless they see a real potential for a return on investment don’t expect there to be a new—and more powerful—console every other year just to support the latest VR games.

That doesn’t mean you should dump your console for a PC. This just means you’re going to have to follow the progress of VR, and make sure that developers are doing their part to create excitement for VR tech. The fact that “a major” European studio is planning to do something VR for consoles is definitely a start, but I doubt even a PlayStation 4.5 will have enough horses to pull next-gen VR gaming (whenever it arrives).

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