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More details surface on Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture


Chinese website Benchlife.info has shared a few new slides that detail 9th Generation Intel “Coffee Lake” microarchitecture. According to reports, Intel will be debuting the “Coffee Lake” Core processor family in the second half of 2018.

The “Coffee Lake” family will be Intel’s first to mainly comprise of 6-core processors instead of 4-core processors so far. While Intel has released six-core HEDT processors in the past, its mainstream lineup has been restricted to four cores.


“Coffee Lake” will continue to be built on the 14nm process node, with the six-core SKUs boasting of a die-size of 149 mm². The quad-core SKUs on the other hand are expected to be built on a smaller die-size of 126 mm². And while nothing has been confirmed yet, the latest leak suggests Intel will debut a new platform along with “Coffee Lake”, with newer connectivity features. This could possibly mean that “Coffee Lake” processors will not be based on the current LGA1151 socket.


The mobile Coffee Lake chips will be available in the usual 15-watt, 28-watt, and 45-watt TDP variants, so you shouldn’t expect to see any major gains in energy efficiency until 2018. The 15 and 28 watt TDP processors will mainly be targeted at thin-and-light notebooks and ultrabooks, while the Coffee Lake-H chips with higher 45-watt TDP will be powering gaming and performance-oriented machines.

Source: BenchLife.info


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