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Details on The Last of Us’ multiplayer may have been leaked

The Last of Us Farm

Details on the multiplayer modes for The Last of Us have been quite scarce, and Naughty Dog hasn’t revealed any definitive information on what the game’s multiplayer entails.

Anticipation has reached peak levels for Naughty Dog’s acclaimed survival horror release, with gamers across the world looking forward to the game’s June 14th release. Despite the high anticipation, the game’s multiplayer has remained a mystery…until now.

Reports have indicated that a snippet of the game’s multiplayer code has been leaked onto Pastebin, possibly shedding light on The Last of Us’ secretive multiplayer.

 Potential Spoiler Alert

Be aware that the following information may constitute as a spoiler, if the leaked information is true. Only read on if you’d like to hear potential information about the multiplayer modes of The Last of Us. If you’d like to keep everything a surprise, be sure to turn away now.

The data includes text highlights from what appears to be the start of a match from a survival-esque gametype, and chronicles that player’s progress throughout the match with parameters that include found weapons and items as well as other objectives and applicable goals for the specific gametype.

Below is a snippet from the leaked code that shows some of the multiplayer mode’s basics:

  1. Searching for Match
  3. A small group of Infected have been spotted heading in our direction.  Improve the training of the clan to fight off the Infected and attract new members.
  4. You gained [A] clan members by fighting off the Infected attack.
  5. You were able to partially improve the training of your clan.  You gained some clan members by fighting off the attack.
  6. You were able to dramatically improve the training of your clan before the Infected attacked.  As a result, you gained the maximum new clan members.

The Last of Us Town

The combat may be similar to the singleplayer campaign mechanics featured in the The Last of Us, and the gametype puts emphasis on teamwork via a clan-based system where recruiting is essential to survival. Apparently players can train their clan to improve their odds of survival, as well as equip your clan with a variety of supplies (and most likely weapons).

The code also mentions Loadouts and a dynamic crafting system that includes craftable weapons and items will also be featured. A surprisingly long list of in-game items is revealed in the code, touching upon weapons, ammunition, craftable items and medicines to fight against disease.

There are also random encounters that happen in multiplayer, such as diseases that spread throughout your clan, but can be warded off with antibiotics and other medicines.

  1. Dysentery is spreading rapidly in the area.  The [ENEMY-FACTION-PLURAL] have a supply of antibiotics.  Improve the training of the group so we can mount an attack and steal it.
  2. You were able to steal enough medicine to attract [A] new clan members.
  3. An outbreak of malaria is sweeping the area.  The [ENEMY-FACTION-PLURAL] have a supply of anti-malarial medicine.

The Last of Us Forest

Ammo and other items are limited, and along with other clan members, are the basis for survival. The areas will most-likely be quite expansive, constituting to an open-world feel with huge expanses and areas to roam and explore. The environment is apparently as fraught with danger as that featured in singleplayer, with teeming hordes of enemies and other hazards ready to eliminate all life.

Stealth will also play an important part in multiplayer, as the leaked code mentions various instances of stealth kills and stealth items that help keep players unnoticed and unseen. The game’s various screenshots and footage have also revealed the emphasis on stealth that is required to survive within the ruined world.

Whether or not the leaked information is true still remains to be confirmed–but as always be sure to take these claims with a grain of salt. These mechanics have not been confirmed and must remain as speculation, however it will be interesting to see how close these details are to the game’s actual multiplayer.

Be sure to scan the leaked code for more possibly accurate data regarding The Last of Us’ multiplayer, and maybe this will prompt Naughty Dog to reveal more info soon.

The Last of Us is slated to release on June 14, 2013 for PlayStation 3, and has been hailed as one of the most overall impressive titles for the console. For more information, please visit the game’s official website.

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