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Details of Samsung’s upcoming gaming notebook leaked?

As far as notebooks are concerned, Samsung is known for producing a wide variety of such portable computing machines, but the latest leak of information that has seemingly surfaced on the Internet has suggested that the Korean electronics giant might be just intending to make an entry into the market for gaming-grade notebooks. The yet-to-be-released machines, if the rumours prove true, will supposedly feature some extremely potent hardware specifications, along with some degree of visual flair to help them appeal to gamers.

Samsung may be a well-known name in just about every single consumer electronics segment one can think of, but the latest information that has been circulating online seems to suggest that the Korean electronics giant is not contented with just that. Apparently, word has it that Samsung has got plans to make its entry into the market for gaming-grade notebooks, especially if the latest leak about what appears to be the company's unreleased gaming notebooks are of any indication.

Not much has been revealed about the company's new gaming-grade notebooks, although the leaks have claimed that Samsung's offering will be known as the 700G7A, and will reportedly boast some potent hardware specifications not typically found in an everyday notebook. This includes the use of what appears to be a design which appears slimmer than most commercially available gaming-grade notebooks today, along with a 17.3-inch display which is capable of 1080p resolutions, an AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics card (like the one used in our Alienware M17x review), a 2GHz Core i7 processor and a hulking 16GB of memory.

But the most “convincing sign” that Samsung intends to sell this notebook to gamers? Well, according to reports by Engadget and Akihabara News, it will probably have to be the fact that the backlit keyboard has had the all-important W, A, S and D keys highlighted in an eye-catching red, while the rest of the keyboard is coloured blue.

The leak did not include any details about the notebook's global availability (if at all), although it is said that Samsung might officially release these devices for sale come September this year at the approximate price of €1,800, or US$2,578.

Source: Akihabara news

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