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Detailed AMD 2012 Desktop Roadmap Leaked

While AMD released general public roadmaps at the recent Financial Analyst Day, details and branding were omitted. A more detailed slide has now leaked online, covering branding for upcoming Trinity, Brazos 2.0 and Vishera SKUs for desktops in 2012.

The big release for Q2 2012 is Trinity. In general, Trinity will feature the A-5000 Series branding and introduce a new segment with A10. The first Trinity APUs to release will be A10-5800, A10-5700, A8-5600 and A8-5500. Within each segment, the differentiation will likely be CPU clock speeds, thus both A10 SKUs will feature the same GPU – Radeon HD 7660D. A8 will feature a cut down GPU, possibly with 1 or 2 SIMDs disabled and branded HD 7560D. Both A8 and A10 will feature 2 module / 4 core Piledriver CPU cores. The GPU branding also gives a clue to GPU performance – the top A10-5800 with HD 7660D will end up just short of HD 7670, which is a rebrand for HD 6670. This also means a significant boost in performance over Llano's HD 6550D.

Llano A6 and A4 APUs will co-exist with Trinity A8 and A10, while the FX line-up will be reinforced with FX-6200 and FX-4120.

The other release scheduled for Q2 is Brazos 2.0. The two APUs will be E2-1800 and E1-1200, replacing E-450 and E-300. As previously covered, E2-1800 will be 1.7 GHz with Radeon HD 7340 graphics and E1-1200 clocks at 1.4 GHz with HD 7310. Both are dual-core, 18W TDP and only evolutionary successors to Brazos. The main improvements are the addition of Turbo Core, native USB 3.0 and other chipset optimizations.

Q3 2012 brings the successor to FX Zambezi CPUs – Vishera. Vishera will feature 4 Piledriver modules or 8 cores over 4, 6 and 8 core variants. The top 8-core will be branded FX-8350 and FX-8320, replacing FX-8150 and FX-8120 respectively. 6-core FX-6300 will replace Bulldozer based FX-6200, while 4-core FX-4320 will succeed FX-4120. Q3 will also complete the Trinity line-up with A6-5400 with HD 7450D and A4-5300D with HD 7480D.

If AMD can stick to the schedule mentioned in the above slide, we could finally see AMD go down the path of a regular yearly release cadence, as alluded to at FAD 2012.

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