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Despite the jokes, Singaporeans already queuing up for iPhone 7

Let’s be real here, everyone made fun of the iPhone 7 launch. Headphone jack disappearing act notwithstanding, the introduction of black backs and the dual camera was fodder for some great parodies. Now that we have all had our fun, the reality sets in. Singaporeans are doing what they do best: queue to get first dibs on the new phone.


Spot the family
Spot the family

Yes, that is a queue. Yes, this was taken in the afternoon. This goes to show that Apple could literally take the stage one day and say, “it’s the same thing but with a different colour,” and there would still be queues. Apple has a grip that will not be shaken off by some internet denizens making fun of them it seems.


Saving money on designer shirts for designer phones
Saving money on designer shirts for designer phones

This is happening all over Singapore. From the heartlands to the centre of town, people are settling down for a long night of waiting. Evidently many agree with Phil Schiller that going jack-less is a brave move on Apple’s part. Or maybe it’s just the allure of the new iPhone that attracts people.

The Exception


So far the only shop which is suspiciously absent of a queue is Epicentre at [email protected] There isn’t even a queuing area. However, there is a sign warning of “Store makeover” later today. Could this be a sign that they are preparing for the early morning crowds?

Ah ha!
Ah ha!

Anyone who wants to get in on the game better get moving, because these lines are only going to grow as the day goes on. Before long it will be midnight, and soon the world will be full of people saying, “where the hell did my headphones go?” Otherwise, you could always get your hands on a Samsung Note 7. The queues are really good, and I hear that there is a good exchange policy going on.

Plenty of phones for sale, don't be shy
Plenty of phones for sale, don’t be shy

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