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Desktop Sharing now available for Skype users on Mac OS X

When Microsoft made headlines in the tech industry with its purchase of Skype, many people were understandably worried that the Redmond giant might abuse its new ownership of what is essentially the world's most popular Internet telephony service in order to give its own software offerings an unfair advantage over the competition. However, it would seem that such fears are largely unfounded, especially if Microsoft's recent release of Skype 5.2 for OS X users, which boasts the inclusion of some prominent new features, means anything.

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Are you an OS X users who happens to have Skype installed on your Mac? Well, if you answer to that question is a "yes", you might want to start hitting Skype's download pages and getting yourself a copy of the latest client available for download. This is because Skype has announced the availability of version 5.2 of its popular Internet telephony client for Apple's operating system, which reportedly comes bundled with a couple of new features.

The first feature which Mac users can expect to take advantage of in Skype 5.2 for Mac  is the introduction of desktop sharing for group video calls. According to Skype, this feature will enhance "communication and collaboration on group calls" by giving users the ability to share the contents that are currently displayed on their computer screen, such as "presentations, photos and documents", among video call participants. Skype has also added that this feature puts the sharer in total control on the content that is being shared, while citing an example of how participants will not be able to advance through the slides of a PowerPoint presentation until the presenter does so, simply because they have no control over the other party's computer.

In addition to the screen sharing feature, Skype has also announced that the new client will feature improved multi-tasking support, and in comes in the form of a small notification window which allows Mac users to not only see the participants of their video conferencing, but also exercise control over the conversation by allowing them to hang up or mute the call via its control panel. And according to Skype, this was one of the most requested features that has been made by its user base.

Sounds interesting? Well, this is also where we have the classic "good news bad news" situation going, for Skype has revealed that the screen sharing feature in Skype 5.2 is only available to members who have paid for a Premium subscription. However, if that is not about to deter you, Skype 5.2 for Mac is already available for download, so all you have to do is to simply hit up the download link over at Skype's homepage to get started on some video conferencing goodness.

Source: Skype blog via The Inquirer

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