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Demo of the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


The BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 operating system was recently announced on 21 February, promising new features and enhanced tablet experience for users. If you own the PlayBook, it will prompt that there's an update available if you have not updated to the new OS. VR-Zone was treated to a demo at Research in Motion Singapore's office to check out the new OS.


The PlayBook 2.0 is not a new piece of hardware, but a free software upgrade which was launched on 21 February globally and anyone with a PlayBook can simply download the software over-the-air.  The new user interface now comes with a bar of apps at the top, which can be customized to your favorites. You can also order the icons wherever you want it to be placed, and even move the icons to the next menu screen. On top of that, you can also create and name the folders and drop the apps into the folders.

The email app can render HTML-emails, and has a unified inbox whereby you can group all messages from your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, besides your personal and work email accounts. When you create a new email, you can create it in rich text – change text color, font type, font size, etc; and if you decided to create multiple emails on top of the one you're writing on, the app will provide "tabbed email" which you can easily access whichever you want.

The Calendar features numbers of sizes in different formats, known as "growing numbers". Growing numbers tells you very quickly when you're busy and when you're not – from the size of the day.

And to help users save on printing, you can choose to print your documents, be it Word document or web pages, from your computer to your BlackBerry PlayBook. This "Print to Go" feature requires the download of the drivers from the website, and when you first go to print, you will be prompted a six-digit code that allows you to pair the PlayBook to the printer driver. The "printed" document will only be in PDF format.

There's no BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the PlayBook – this was an engineering decision during the building of PlayBook 2.0; but if you want to connect BBM, you can still do it via the BlackBerry Bridge function.

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