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Dell Taiwan and Taipei City Government Cooperate for Taipei IoT Innovation Lab

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the opening ceremony for the “Taipei IoT Innovation Lab” with Dell Taiwan.

Dell Taiwan and Taipei City Government announced together the official establishment of the “Taipei IoT Innovation Lab” (IoT Lab). Taipei City Government aggressively turns Taipei into a city-grade “living lab” to resolve problems of citizens with smart and innovative technologies. With rich IT resources, Dell Taiwan assists Taipei City Government on optimizing the deployment of an IoT ecosystem for IoT innovation teams and makers to access resources required for innovation experiments for pilot and concept tests in order to enforce solutions and achieve commercialization. According to DoIT, for IoT innovation concepts to mature and form and for verifying concepts in a living lab in reality, Taipei City Government co-established the “Taipei IoT Innovation Lab” in the Neihu District with Dell Taiwan, Gemtek, UnaBiz, and NVIDIA through PMO. In addition to being an experimental space for cultivating innovation teams, the Lab offers software and hardware equipment required by IoT to encourage industry-government-academia-research collaboration and boost innovation energy for building Taipei into a smart city.

According to Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko, to make the best use of private power and resources, Taipei City Government resolves problems in the city and fulfills people’s needs through public-private partnership (PPP). The “IoT Lab” established through PPP is part of the “Taipei City IoT Platform”, and Taipei City Government hopes to encourage more innovation teams to join the “IoT Lab” for more IoT applications to be tested in Taipei in order to develop more convenient services for citizens.

According to Dell Taiwan, IoT development in recent years has initiated the so-called “forth industrial revolution”, with terminal devices growing and information booming by leaps and bounds. While industries have gradually turned their IT needs towards commercial technology that enables them to grasp business opportunities, Dell established an IoT department a year or so ago and subsequently added three IoT Solutions Labs in California, USA, Ireland, and Singapore for customers to develop, test, and deploy their IoT solutions to accelerate solution launch.

Based on these outcomes, Dell will continue city-level collaboration with Saensuk of Thailand and Hanoi of Vietnam in Asia to assist local governments on establishing IoT innovation labs. Dell Taiwan President Terence Liao stated, the “IoT Lab” co-established with Taipei City Government offers infrastructure and resources required by the experiment, pilot test and verification of innovative concepts for innovation teams intending to develop IoT applications in order to commercialize these applications. The R&D center of Dell Taiwan also established an IoT R&D department last year to strengthen Taiwan’s IoT R&D energy and launch closer IoT collaboration with Taiwan’s industries.

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