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Dell showcases 8-inch Venue tab with Windows 8.1, holds off on specifics

Despite Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update being still over one month away from its official release, the tablets and hybrid devices running on the new OS have started trickling in.

Dell Venue

Well, not exactly, as they won’t be up for grabs until late October at the earliest, but Toshiba has showcased the Encore at the IFA, Asus has unveiled the Transformer Book TF100 earlier today and now it’s Dell’s turn to give us a quick look-see at the Venue slate.

Venue? That sounds vaguely familiar, no? Sure it does, as Dell used the moniker back in 2010 for a smartphone duo that proved a pretty colossal flop.

With that in mind, you can’t accuse the Texas-based PC maker of lack of guts, although they’re probably counting on the public’s short attention span more than anything. Anyways, let’s say the Venue tab is sadly covered in a thick veil of mystery, with the only specs revealed and confirmed being an 8-inch (or so) screen, quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor and the already mentioned Win 8.1 running.

Dell Venue-2

The display’s resolution is the biggest point of the contention in the media at the moment, with reports from The Verge and CNet clashing. Namely, the former claims Dell’s newest tab boasts a Full HD panel, whereas the latter seems to have it on good authority Venue’s resolution clocks in at a much more modest 1,280 x 800.

I guess I don’t have to tell you what to root for, although if the 8-incher does come with a 1,080p screen in tow, there’s no way in hell it’ll even get close to the $200 price point teased time and time again by Intel in regards to upcoming Bay Trail pads.

Meanwhile, there’s increasing speculation about Acer being next in line to take advantage of Bay Trail’s exceptional speed, although the Taiwanese will apparently go the Android route with a new 7.9-inch Iconia A1. Bring it on, Acer, we’re ready!

Sources: Cnet, The Verge

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