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Dell shifts focus with acquisition of Credant Technologies

Dell has recently acquired Credant Technologies as part of their expansion plan of moving beyond the hardware business and more into services and management.

Credant Technologies develops encryption technology that is used in many mobile devices, other server connected devices and the cloud.  Currently, Credant is responsible for securing over 2 million endpoints with customers from all manner of industries ranging from retail, IT, nuclear energy, healthcare, and the aerospace and defense industry.

The latest acquisition of Credant Technologies by Dell is said to be the latest effort by the computer maker to expand their development of device management technologies.  Earlier in 2012, Dell acquired Wyse for just over 1 billion U.S. dollars.  Wyse has helped to develop the K3000 system, which offers IT administrators increased management of mobile devices that includes the ability to turn off a device or lock it out entirely.

In May of 2012, Dell acquired SonicWall, which according to Dell was to expand their enterprise solutions portfolio.  The idea is for Dell to give customers a wider range of services to help manage their IT infrastructure.  The acquisition of SonicWall was Dell’s ambition to grow their security portfolio, which includes cloud security solutions and data encryption services. 

“Protecting critical information has only become more important as organizations globally struggle to protect their data in an ever more complex world,” said Bob Heard, chief executive officer and founder of Credant. “This combination allows Credant to bring its deep capabilities in data security to Dell’s robust solution set and customer base. Together we will continue to focus on innovation and building value that results in beneficial outcomes for our customers.”

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