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Dell launches new Precision M3800 mobile workstation with 4K display


American PC manufacturer Dell has updated its M3800 mobile workstation that it launched in November 2013. The updated model doesn’t just come with newer internals, but includes a few design changes and a number of new features.

The Precision M3800 is aimed at users who want a powerful mobile workstation with a high-resolution display but do not want to compromise on size and portability either. The M3800 is much thinner than traditional mobile workstation with a thickness between 8 – 18mm. It is also incredibly light weight with a starting weight of 1.88kg for the base model. Clearly, Dell is aiming at Apple’s 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro model with the latest Precision M3800.

Powering the M3800 is the latest Intel Haswell Core i7-4712HQ quad-core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz with a maximum turbo boost speed of 3.3GHz. The Core i7-4712HQ is a 37W TDP chip and comes with Intel HD4600 integrated graphics. Since this a mobile workstation that we’re talking about, you will also find an NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM and a total of 384 CUDA cores. You also get two DIMM slots with 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L RAM standard. As for storage, the mobile workstation can be configured with up to 2TB SSD drive or a traditional SATA hard drive.

The main highlight though is the display of this machine. Dell has upgraded the screen on the latest model to 15-inch 4K 3840 x 2160 IGZO2 panel. That translates to a pixel density of 282PPI, higher than the 220PPI pixel density on Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina model. Dell claims the updated panel covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut and 72% of the Adobe RGB color gamut. On the base model you will find a 1920 x 1080 Full HD panel though, which does come with 10-point multitouch like the 4K panel. Both displays also feature sturdy Corning Gorilla NBT glass for added protection.

The M3800 has gone on sale in US already and could be expected to be available in most other markets soon. Prices start from $1699 for the US market.

Source: Dell



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