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Dell Latitude E6410 and E6510 laptops finally appear

Lenovo was the first to announce its new business laptops back in January, the ThinkPad T410 and T510, both of which pack Intel’s latest mobile Core i5 or Core i7 processors. HP followed almost immediately with their announcement of the EliteBook 8440p and 8540p. However, Dell remained completely silent. There wasn’t even much of a hint when their revised laptops would hit retail.


After a long three-month wait (make that nearly four), the Dell Latitude E6410 and Latitude E6510, successors to the E6400 and E6500, have finally popped up on Dell’s UK site. Full details on these spanking new machines after the break.

Design-wise, both the Dell Latitude E6410 and Latitude E6510 are closely similar to the older E6400 and E6500. Most of the changes are under the bottom cover.

A quick run through of the available specifications: You have three processor options for the Latitude E6410, namely the Core i5-520M, Core i5-540M, and the Core i7-620M, all of which are dual-core processors. As for the Latitude E6510, you have both dual-core and quad-core options, namely the Core i5-540M, Core i7-620M, Core i7-720QM, and Core i7-820QM, where the latter two are quads. The laptops’ chipset, for those who are interested, is the Intel QM57 Express. Memory used in the both new machines are DDR3 sticks of either 1066MHz or 1333MHz.

On the E6410, the display retains the conventional 16:10 ratio widescreen. Resolution options are similar to that of the E6400 – 1280×800 and 1440×900. However, the E6510 switches to a 16:9 ratio 15.6″ widescreen. Three resolutions are available, a typical 1366×768 one, a HD+ 1600×900, and even a Full HD 1920×1080 panel. All panels on both panels are anti-glare (say no to glossy!), have LED backlighting. Display is driven either by the integrated graphics on the processor, or a discrete NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB solution.



Storage options include solid state drives of up to 256GB, while mechanical 7200rpm hard drive options are available up to 500GB.

The other components such as Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless-N, Bluetooth, card reader, fingerprint reader, smartcard reader… are standard as they were on the E6x00 models. A check on Dell’s main website does not reveal model numbers, other than the Bluetooth module being a newer one – Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth. Let us go digging around Dell’s Support site and we’ll get back to you with the minute details later.

Recall the long-life batteries that have been discussed in recent times? Dell’s offering them as a ‘3 year life-time 9-cell Li-Ion battery‘. As for standard batteries, you have 4-cell, 6-cell, and 9-cell options, complete with a 12-cell battery slice option as well.





Perhaps some of you might have just scrolled through this piece of news. So here, we’re giving you the direct links to the Dell Latitude E6410 and E6510 product pages:

Dell Latitude E6410
Dell Latitude E6510


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