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Dell claims ‘all your favorite Windows 8 apps will run and sync’ on the Xbox One

Computer manufacturer Dell has listed something quite interesting and potentially game changing on their website: the company makes claims that the Xbox One can run Windows 8 apps, affording for a unique and dynamic experience within Microsoft’s ecosystem.


On Dell’s official website, the company highlights the various features of Microsoft’s next-gen console while listing something particularly eye-catching: apparently the Xbox One will run Windows 8 Apps.

Dell’s claims come in the form of a non-specific line of text that makes up one of the many tiled highlights of the page, which reads as follows:

“Consider the game officially changed. With all your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on and synced to your Xbox One, now your phone, desktop, tablet and TV can all give you a unified  web and entertainment experience. ”

If the Xbox One does indeed have this functionality, the question arises why Microsoft hasn’t been touting this feature for quite some time, as it has monumental implications.

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While there are still many unknown details–such as whether or not an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is required, or what Windows 8 apps will run (if any), and how the console will integrate within Microsoft’s multi-device eco-system–the news is welcomed to gamers who are looking forward to the Xbox One’s release next month.

Coupled with Smart Glass on both tablets and mobile phones, the ability to run Windows 8 apps can be a interesting benefit to Microsoft, depending how it’s executed–but of course we must speculate as to why they’ve kept quiet on the subject if it’s true.

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This news also seems to contradict Microsoft’s statement that apps on the Windows Store won’t be cross-compatible with the Xbox One–developers will need to tinker and tweak their apps for things like the Kinect and the console’s wireless controller.

Maybe Dell was a bit confused on the situation, or maybe the info pane is PR-speak for data syncing across tablets, phones and consoles. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the news certainly fits with the Redmond-based console-maker’s current plans for a unified entertainment ecosystem.

In any case, as Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything we have to take Dell’s claims with a grain of salt, and perhaps they just worded the info wrong on the listing. In the meantime be sure to catch up on our recent coverage, or hop on over to the Xbox Wire for more info on the Xbox One.

Via Engadget, Dell, NeoGAF

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