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Dell announces availability of three new mobile computers

Dell has announced the availability of three new additions to its lineup of portable computing devices, the Latitude XT3 convertible tablet PC, the Inspiron13z notebook PC, and the Vostro V131 business notebook PC. According to Dell, all three products have been designed to cater to the needs of professionals who crave “thin and powerful computing” solutions that allows them to work without boundaries.

The “post-PC era” craze may be likened to a tidal wave that doesn't appear to show signs of slowing down any time soon, but it appears that the tenacity of more traditional computing systems such as notebooks and convertible tablet PCs are not about to go the way of the dinosaur in the near future, especially if Dell has got anything to say about it. Apparently, the popular computer OEM still believes in the value of such devices enough to justify the release two new additions to its line of portable computing devices; the Latitude XT3 convertible tablet PC and the Inspiron13z notebook PC.

Dell Latitude XT3

Touted as a versatile machine designed for mobile professionals, the Latitude XT3 is furnished with hardware which Dell claims is capable of providing “all the productivity, power and functionality of a standard laptop”, but with the added flexibility of a touch-screen tablet. This reportedly allows XT3 users to work from almost anywhere.

Backing the Latitude XT3's processing power is Intel's new Core i-series processors, of which users can choose between an i7-2620M, i5-2520M or an i3-2310M to suit their data crunching and general-purpose needs. On the storage side, the XT3 will be offered with either a standard mechanical hard disk with capacities of up to 320GB, or opt for a high-performance SSD with capacities of up to 256GB. In addition, Dell claims that the right combination of hardware will allow the XT3's battery to provide over eight hours of uptime on a single charge, and that the XT3 will be compatible with most accessories used by other Latitude E-series laptops.

The new Latitude XT3 is already available for purchase from Dell's online store at the starting price of S$2,145.

Dell Inspiron13z

If it is a notebook you are looking for, fret not, for Dell also has got something new to offer to such consumers. The newly-released Dell Inspiron13z notebook, which Dell claims is its most powerful ultra-thin Inspiron offering, sports a 13-inch display which features a native resolution of 1366 x 768, and comes bundled with various bells and whistles such as SRS Premium Sound HD and Intel WiDi support, making it suitable for use as a multimedia entertainment notebook.

In addition, Dell has confirmed that the new Inspiron13z notebook will be powered by Intel's new Core i3 and i5 processors, although the i3 variant is only available at this point of time. Last but not least, Dell has confirmed that it also offers users the option of upgrading the memory to 8GB, along with choices for mechanical hard disks with capacities ranging from 320GB to 500GB, or to go for a 128GB SSD.

The Core i3-variant of the new Dell Inspiron13z notebook is already available for sale on Del's online sotr at the price of S$899, with the Core i5 variant slated to be made available “in the coming weeks”.

Dell Vostro V131

Claimed by Dell to the “one of the lightest and thinnest products in its Vostro portfolio”, the new Dell Vostro V131 business notebook is said to be engineered to maximize productivity by delivering fast, uninterrupted multitasking for today's business challenges.

The new Dell Vostro V131 will sport a 13-inch display that boasts a native resolution of 1366 x 768. In addition, Dell will also offer users a choice between Intel's Core i5-2410M and Core i3-2330M processors, although Dell has claimed that a third processor option is also available, and that it comes in the form of Intel's low-power ULV Celeron 847, although this option is not displayed on Dell's online store.

Last but definitely not least, Dell has confirmed that the new Dell Vostro V131 notebook is capable of achieving a maximum battery uptine of up to 9.5 hours on a single charge under the right hardware configurations, making it possible for users to “work virtually anytime, anywhere”.

The Core i3 variant of the Vostro V131 is already available for purchase from Dell's online store at the starting price of S$999, while the Core i5 version is slated to be made available “in the upcoming weeks”.

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